Path of Exile Betrayal Patch Notes 3.5.0C

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You will now receive the recipes to craft two or three sockets on items by interacting with the plinth in the first Delve encounter. For players that have already associated with this plinth, merely return to the first Delve encounter and you should be able to communicate with the plinth once again to receive these crafting recipes. In a future patch, Poe will retroactively grant these recipes to all players that have associated with the plinth before this change.

Path of Exile Betrayal Patch Notes 3.5.0C

Reduced how much healing Bu's Delight granted to Syndicate Members per corpse consumed.
Enabled the "+1 to a maximum number of Summoned Totems" Veiled modifier.
Fixed a bug where the Defeat Mastermind I challenge was not granted on successful completion of the encounter.
Fixed a bug where the Elder was generating at the level of previous map tiers.
Fixed a bug preventing completion of the "Einhar's Hunt" Bestiary quest.
Fixed a bug preventing completion of the "No Time Like the Present" Incursion quest.
Fixed a bug preventing travel from the Azurite Mine to the Menagerie and vice versa.
Fixed a bug where a Stone of Passage could drop in Incursions even though no doors required opening.
Fixed a bug where The Unbreathing Queen II and Unbearable Whispers V prophecies would not trigger in the Labyrinth.
Fixed a bug where some Safehouse chests failed to generate divination cards or items with labyrinth enchantments if your character level was too low.
Fixed a bug where Rin Yuushu could spawn in non-map areas.
Fixed a bug where your maximum totem count was incorrectly 0 when you had the Runebinder keystone and the Pursuit of Faith ascendancy passive allocated.
Fixed a bug with Eldritch Battery allocated where energy shield recharge was being interrupted when damage was dealt with a players life.
Fixed a bug preventing the use of the Crafting Bench on corrupted items even if you had sufficient currency.
Fixed a bug where the "Hits can't be Evaded" crafted modifier displayed various ranks. This was purely a visual issue.
Fixed a bug where "Find the Map Item" Zana missions could drop maps at higher tiers than intended.
Fixed a bug where unique Jewels could fail to be created from the Blood Altar Bestiary recipe if your captured monster levels were too low.
Fixed a bug where the Betrayal Gem Experience reward in Syndicate Safehouses was not usable on corrupted gems.
Fixed a bug where a Fortification encounter could spawn in an unreachable location in the Maze of the Minotaur map.
Fixed a bug where spectred Syndicate Silencers could deal damage to you with their "Throw Net" skill.
Fixed a bug where your current Sulphite amount was not displayed correctly in towns and hideouts.
Fixed a bug where being hit by a Shaper Anomaly caused you to receive a failed challenge notification for a Delve challenge.
Fixed a bug causing Shaper Anomalies' area of effect to be larger than intended.
Fixed a bug where Arctic Breath wasn't available to purchase from vendors at level 12, but rather at level 28.
Fixed a bug where the background art for the Fragment Tab was incorrect.
Fixed a client crash that could occur when in combat with It That Fled.
Poe is also finishing work on fixes for the existing Map Stash Tab issues. Poe is currently testing them and is keen to release them as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.
Poe will continue to release minor updates with improvements and bug fixes over the next few weeks. Thank you for your continued feedback and support!

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